I started working with Claire after my daughter was born. As a reluctant exerciser, she has the magic ability to keep me motivated, moving and improving in my strength and conditioning, even through various injuries. I feel connected to her not only as a personal trainer, but as a friend. Her positive energy always makes me feel comfortable and confident during our training sessions Thanks to Claire, at 51, I'm in the best shape of my life!

-Rosemary D'Agrosa


Fresh Air Bootcamp is an excellent fitness group and an amazing community. I love the adaptability of the workouts regardless of fitness level. The accountability of having people who expect to see you, who check in on you when you aren't there and support you through all things has been a wonderful experience and one that keeps me coming back to the workouts year after year.

-Lauren Exnicios


I just love the “fresh air” part – especially those winter days when we are down on our mats and look up and see stars! Or a beautiful sunrise. We work all muscle groups with a supportive group of people, and every workout really is different. Boredom is not an option and the variety keeps me coming back!

-Cindy Hoover