"I have been running on and off again for 15 years, and have held on to the 15 pounds I gained from my pregnancies. I began boot camp and within a few months dropped it all. I know the variety of workouts we do each morning are main reason I have lost my weight and have kept it off. And I keep going because the teachers and other bootcampers are fun and supportive!  Thanks Ivonne & Andrea!"
- Linda 

"Fresh Air Boot Camp is the best! Ivonne and crew are always coming up with creative ways to make the workouts challenging but also fun and never boring. Getting up early to go work out is never easy, but what keeps me coming back is the encouraging atmosphere and the energy I have all week from the fun outdoor workouts around Greenlake and Phinney Ridge."

- Angela

"I love Fresh Air Boot Camp. It's the best exercise and a good motivator me me to work out. Thanks Ivonne and Andrea for the amazing job encouraging me to keep going and making it fun. I am so excited every time we meet rain or shine breathing the fresh air in the morning. Thanks again."

- Erika

"I love Fresh Air Boot Camp, which offers a variety of strength-gaining exercises and cardio-workouts, by two enthusiastic and knowledgable professionals. The comradery of the fellow members and the feeling of being fit and in shape keeps me coming back. I even competed in a fitness challenge at work recently. Thanks Ivonne and Andrea!"

- Venicia

"I always feel great after a class at Fresh Air Bootcamp. The trainers do a great job varying the workouts, so I'm always challenged and never bored. Although, somewhat counterintuitive in Seattle, the outside workouts are a major perk. It seldom rains in the am, and being outside is refreshing and makes the hour go much faster than in a gym (at least for me). I'd recommend the class to anyone looking to introduce a regular workout series into their routine."

- Beth

"One session down, and may more to go in my future. I love the feeling of cameraderie at this boot camp. And I really love that they are mainly held outside. If you've ever done a workout in the rain, you realize it's still way more invigorating than being indoors. I'm excited to have found this spot, and am hopeful it will whip me back into shape."