What’s the best diet for you?

Can I tell you the perfect foods for you to eat for you to get that rock hard body?  Sadly, no. There is actually no such thing as a universal “best diet”. You could probably get into a bit of a disagreement with your friend who is really into Keto right now about this (in fact, I have), or have another friend lecture you on how intermittent fasting is the best thing for everyone (definitely pulling that example from real life!).  But, we’re all different! We all have different lifestyles, we have different restrictions, we have different levels of activity, body types, food relationships, goals and limitations, budgets, knowledge, ethnic and cultural background, schedules, and environments.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a diet that doesn’t work for someone! If someone talks about how Whole 30 works for them?  It may be because it does! But for some it triggers disordered eating, and for others it’s just too hard to cut out all those foods and they will go crazy after its over.  This is a good example of a diet working for some, and not for others.

If you look around the world, there are many diets that are eaten with success.  The Mediterranean diet! The Japanese diet! The Arctic Inuit diet!

Then, what do they have in common?  

1: They are all helping you pay attention to what you are eating!  

2: They all focus on food quality

3: They eliminate nutrient deficiencies

4: They help control appetite and food intake

5: They promote regular exercise

These 5 things are things that will be a part of your life after working with me, whether in a small group or with one on one counseling.  I’ll also be working on habits! I won’t be constraining you with food rules, as some of the diets above do. I’ll be helping you create health habits, and the reason is that food rules can become a problem in certain situations.  Say, you are travelling and you can’t (or don’t want to) stick to your food rules? Your perfect plan has fallen apart! I think we all know that feeling. With habits based nutrition you have a more flexible plan and you’ve built skills that work in all sorts of different situations.

Claire Fenton